3 Brothers – Cerrado Blend

Producer: Cerrado | Regional Profile
Varietal: Various
Process: Pulped Natural
Region: Cerrado Mineiro – MG
Altitude: 800 – 1.300 M
Notes: Caramel. Honey. Lemon. Acidity
balanced. Good sweetness and medium
body. Soft and long aftertaste.

Cerrado Mineiro is a vast region in south-eastern Brazil in the
state of Minas Gerais with approximately 210.000 hectares
of coffee farms producing average 5 million bags per year
(about 10% of Brazil’s total coffee production). The coffee
farms are most flat, and altitudes varies from 800 to 1.300
meters. A region with well-defined seasons that as result
cherries typically ripen at the same time and favours
mechanised harvesting. Similar to Champagne or Spanish
ham, this region of Brazil has received a protected
“Designation of Origin” status that assures that any coffee
labelled “Cerrado” must come from Cerrado region. Known
for its intense aroma, you can taste on these coffees notes
of caramel, a gentle citrus acidity, medium body and a
long-lasting chocolate aftertaste.