About us/ History


Head to Insomnia on Bath st

Strictly Coffee has been an icon on the Dunedin coffee scene for over 20+ years. From the original roastery situated just off the Octagon on Bath St, our company has come from its humble beginnings as a cosy café and roastery that only the true coffee lovers found, to now having a national distribution to Cafés and homes baristas alike. With our original roaster still in Bath St, we expanded by developing a Headquarters in Frederick St to organise our main roasting supply and distribution, with a new roaster installed in 2014 to keep up with the Strictly Coffee demand.

Head to HQ on Frederick St

We are often referred to as Dunedin’s Boutique Coffee Roasting Company, Specialising in buying, roasting, blending and supplying only the highest quality of beans with the goal to produce and provide our customers with the best espresso blends on the market.