Cafe Blends

Cafe Blends

Here at Strictly Coffee, we have an array of different cafe blends as well as selected Limited Micro lot and single origin beans.

Each of the blends has been crafted for their natural properties and flavors. whichever style of brewing you choose, we will have a tasty offering to suit.

House: The House blend is the flagship blend for The Strictly Coffee Company.

The beans are roasted in the full city style which results in a strong flavour portfolio with cocoa, savory earthy notes and Citrus components shining through.


A subtle alternative to our House Blend.

Clean balanced acidity, smoky dark chocolate/ cocoa & red berry flavours/wine complexity.


Very balanced roasted peanuts, caramel & hints of herbal flavours with a medium to full body. Medium to low acidity. Smooth lingering sweet finish. Mild option for Espresso or Stovetop.


Medium buttery body, slightly spicy notes with sweet walnut & creamy milk chocolate characteristics.

Smooth espresso base, pairs well with Dairy or Almond milk. Balanced Acidity resulting in tasty Black Coffee   


Our Decaf blend has a strong flavour profile to create a smooth creamy espresso base without the requirement for caffeine but also a delicate easy drinking beverage when crafted in a softer brew style.

Sweet caramel toffee notes on the palate with almonds and peanuts nuance. A medium style body and balanced acidity create a creamy texture on each sip.

Fair Trade Blends

Fair Trade Organic

this is our Flagship Fairtrade blend, strong robust and delicious. Full body espresso, Milk chocolate, caramel, high-quality leather and subtle fruits note all present on the palate. Naturally sweeter in flavor, the FTO is a stunning alternative for our House Blend.


The Escobar, alongside our South East Asia, is one of our new blends. Smooth with floral notes, rich dark chocolate, hints of spices & fruity nuance. Escobar finishes with a pleasant smooth chocolate aftertaste.

South East Asia:

The tasty blend of artisan selected beans originating from fair trade farms, located in south-east Asia. Dark chocolate, vibrant stone fruit with a hint of caramel, medium Acidity, and lingering sweetness.