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Single Origin

The Strictly Coffee Company sources through an array of countries on the hunt for the stunning unique single origin or Micro Lot coffee.

These beans have a limited time availability. Some are one-offs or sole bags when others may be a seasonal offering.

These delicious beans will then be roasted to a couple different styles & body. this is to offer the customers an array of flavor portfolios, suitable for different styles of brewing. each of these roasts will offer the consumer a different look at the beautiful origin.

Honduras La Flor
Guatemala La Esperanza, Huehuetenango.
Colombia Anedza







Soft Brew Techniques.

here at Strictly Coffee, we offer blends and roasts for many of different brewing styles and techniques.  We have experimented with numerous amounts of different configurations to offer what we believe is a  good representation of our beans in a number of styles.


Delicious AeroPress anyone ?

Have you tried an Aeropress coffee lately?Aeropress is a sleck lightweight brewing style which produces a smooth clean flavorsome coffee within minutes.No power is required in the brewing process, which makes the AeroPress the ideal camping/ traveling brew method but also amazing for office or home use. Lightweight, Durable plastic, easy to compact together. Delicious, juicy and full of body. Sample some today at Insomnia By Strictly Coffee!#trysomethingnewtoday

Posted by Insomnia by Strictly Coffee on Tuesday, 10 July 2018


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