Strictly coffee and their toys.


Here at Strictly Coffee, coffee is in our blood. Many moons ago, we started roasting coffee down on Bath St in Dunedin in the former stamp maker shop, now named Insomnia By Strictly Coffee. When we started, there were only a few small roasters down in the south island

Over 20 years in the Game, we have grown and grown to one of the largest Otago Based Roasteries.

The demands for quality roasted coffee grew so did we. we expanded out of our small site to include a larger warehouse on Frederick St. Here we could help fulfill the demand required without compromising on the quality, Dunedin and Otago had come to know and love.

We are one of the only Roasters situated in Dunedin with 3 different roasters to play with and create stunning coffee. each of these is frequently used for their desired roles.

in 2014 we had to commission a new and bigger coffee roaster. The sourcing, importation, renovation, and installation of this took up a large part of 2014. Now still, we have a Petroncini hot air drum roaster at our HQ. this is our powerhouse, always on the go.

Cranked up early in the morning, delicious aromas & warmth fills the roastery each day. Our Flagship roasts like House or Fair Trade Organic are roasted each and every day to fuel our the cafes around Otago/Southland which through them, fuels you for your day ahead



Bath sts  Red Roaster is one of the originals. smaller in size but packs the same level of quality, Red is used to produce the delicious Single Origin roasts as well as some of our smaller unique cafe blends all while with a happy smile on its face.


Strictly HQ is happy to welcome the newest member of the team: Baby Topper. 

Baby Topper is our mini Roaster.  the younger Brother to Red down at Bath St. designed for small tiny batches, Baby is the perfect sample machine, creating tasty new offerings, quality controlling our Big blends and all the fun nature of experimentation.