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Colombian Anedza – Tolima

Origin: Planadas
Region: Tolima
Co-op: CI MIl-Agro 17 S.A.S
Altitude: 1450 MASL
Processing Method: Fermented and Washed

Profile: Clean medium acidity coffee, sweet floral
fragrant aromas (jasmine), sweet red fruit flavours
and subtle notes of almond and chocolate.

Anedza Coffee
The coffee from a co-op farmers in the highlands of Tolima,
southern Colombia is meticulously produced. The wet benefico
process, involving hand-sorting, de-pulping, fermentation, washing,
and then open-air drying,  which consistently produces a quality coffee.

CI MIl-Agro 17 S.A.S Coffee Co-op’s mission is to empower the farmers, who are the hub of the local communities. they do this through equitable pay and working alongside¬†the farmers to help them to use the best sustainable
growing methods to grow the highest quality speciality coffee