Ethiopia Harar Natural FTO


IN THE CUP     Rich and full with dark cocoa, apricot and ginger flavours and a good heavy, slightly earthy body.

ROAST Medium light

PROCESS   Natural

ALTITUDE   1500 to 2100

Harar is a naturally processed coffee, dried in the cherry on the farm on raised mesh beds, a method which retains some of the sugars and soluble elements that are lost with washing. It is then hulled – sometimes still by hand, before being finally polished and sorted for export.
This Fair Trade coffee comes from the Oromia Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union.
OCFCU is a tribally based co-operative union which was established in 1999, covering all the areas where the Oromo people live; this includes many of the best-known coffee growing districts in Ethiopia. Harar comes from the northeast of the country from the region around the ancient walled city of Harar. The environment is dry and mountainous and the coffee grows in deep valleys which are sometimes only accessible by foot or donkey.