Strictly Coffee is now offering a coffee subscription!

No longer do you have to worry about realising you are out of coffee beans when it’s too late, you’re already half asleep, a quarter to too early, in your kitchen.

A Strictly Subscription means beans will be delivered to your door as frequently as you require them.
Save time, money and energy by organising a coffee subscription.

We have a couple of different styles of subscriptions available depending on your requirements.

Personal Favourite Blend Selection.
Your selected blend will be delivered however frequent you desire, same amazing coffee each time to keep your taste buds in harmony.

Cafe Inspired Blend Selection.
Each of the cafe blends will be allocated to a rotation. a perfect way to get an array of beautiful cafe-quality coffee at home.

Roasters Selection.
The roasters selection is the premium subscription on offer. this is the best way to get your hands on new blends or subscription-only roasts.
expect a mix of cafe blends, stunning single origins and limited-time releases.
the roasters selection.

Otago is free
$3 for the rest of the South Island
Contact us if you are overseas

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Showing all 2 results